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PixelsAndSuch offers group and private photography classes and workshops. outdoor photography workshopsPresentations and workshops can be tailored to a variety of locations and audiences. Whether you are looking to take an individual class, are looking for a photography faculty member to teach university classes, or need a faculty instructor to teach your study abroad university program, we can meet your needs.

PixelsAndSuch Photography Classes

“Classes” are presentations that cover content and important photography techniques. They are instruction and discussion based and typically contain numerous demonstrations. Although they are not “shooting based” classes, we suggest you bring your camera, if available, to the class.

  • Introduction to Digital SLR Cameras

    Many people purchase new digital SLR camera systems to the tune of thousands of dollars, but never learn how to use their most basic features. If you have a new digital SLR, or you are considering buying one, this class is for you. Topics covered will the fundamentals of digital SLR photography including: terminology, camera controls and menus, shooting modes, the intrepreting histograms, raw and jpeg, fill-flash, focusing modes, programs modes modes, caring for your camera, color management, and preparing your pictures to be sent to your computer for processing.

    This class is recommended for people who want to understand digital SLR photography and cameras. It is a prerequisite for other PixelsAndSuch Workshops. Although this is not a shooting based class, we recommend that you bring your Digital SLR (if you own one) to the class.

  • Introduction to Camera Techniques

    This is a great class to take if you are interested in learning how to take better pictures with any type of camera. We’ll discuss rules of composition, basic use of natural and artificial light, exposure, lens effects, how to make your images sharper. Portraits, Landscapes, and Action pictures will be covered. PixelsAndSuch recommends this class before taking this class before taking any of our PixelsAndSuch workshops.

  • Moving Beyond Program Modes Class

    Are you interested in doing more with photography than just using your SLR as an expensive point-and-shoot? If you are ready to take your photography to another level and learn the foundations to making creative images, this workshop is for you. We’ll discuss the relationship between shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and exposure modifications and how they affect your pictures. We’ll talk about metering and focusing and camera techniques for more creative images. Lastly we’ll introduce the concept of a digital negative, and much like film, discuss the concept of making a digital negative. If you’re thinking of taking a college photography class, or you’re going on that big photography vacation, or you’d simply like to become a better photographer, this class is a great way to start.

  • Introduction to Apple Aperture 2.0 Photography Class

    So you’ve taken some great pictures, now what? Apple Aperture is a powerful digital workflow tool that will change the way you process digital images. This class will explore the entire workflow from the digital negative, to processing large quantities of images, to outputting these for the web. You’ll learn how to process thousands of images quickly, and output them to slideshows, the web, or a printer. And you’ll learn how Aperture can help you organize every image in your collection. If you wondering if Aperture is worth the investment for you, or if you have purchased Aperture and want to learn how to use it most effectively, this class is just what your digital camera ordered! 2 hours of presentation style instruction.

  • Lighting for Photography Workshop

    This is a great workshop for the person who wants to begin using artificial lights for photography, video, or film. We’ll use strobe (flash) lights to learn the basic principles of lighting, light control and modification, and explore ambient, available, household, and studio lights. Lighting for various budgets and purchasing lights will be covered.

PixelsAndSuch Photography Workshops

“Workshops” are hands-on classes where participants practice making images – be it with a camera, computer, or printer. They may be in a studio, computer lab, or in a field setting. We will announce workshops based on interest. If you have an intact group that would like a photography workshop, we can arrange a special workshop based on their interest.

Private Classes and Workshops

PixelsAndSuch offers private instruction for those who have special interests or who prefer individual (or small group) instruction. Please email or call for more info. It doesn’t matter if you chose a class or workshop, you can be sure that you’ll receive high quality instruction that is both interesting and will improve your photography. You’ll benefit from an instructor with practical, real-world experience, who has consistently received accolades for his teaching ability.

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  1. Caitlyn wrote,

    I was wondering when the “Introduction to camera techniques” class would be starting. I live in Blacksburg, and I really wanted to know the requirements, and when the class started. Thank you.

  2. Jacqueline wrote,

    I am interested in Intro to digital photography. My camera is the
    Canon G9.

    Roanoke VA

  3. Pat Hardy wrote,

    I am very interested in a workshop in Roanoke for introduction to digital SLR cameras. I just received a Canon Rebel XSi and need a lot of information before I can use it properly. Do you have any of these workshops scheduled?

  4. Christina wrote,

    Hello! I’m interested in the Introduction to Digital SLR cameras class in the Blacksburg, VA area. I have a Canon Rebel XSi and would love to start a class ASAP. Are there any of these classes available at this time?


  5. Michal wrote,

    Hello! I’m interested in the Introduction to Digital SLR cameras class in the Blacksburg, VA area. I do not own a camera but I am planning on getting one. Please provide me with some information about the workshops.

    Thanks you!

  6. Angela wrote,

    Hellow. I’m interested in the Introduction to Digital SLR cameras class in the Blacksburg, VA area. I would love to attend a class as soon as possible.


  7. Valencia wrote,

    I am interested in digital SLR classes in Roanoke, Va. I have a Pentx K10D.


  8. Angie wrote,

    Hi … I am interested in the Introduction to Digital Photography and the introduction to camera techniques classes in Roanoke, when will these start? I have a Canon Rebel. thanks!

  9. Debbie Combs wrote,

    I also got a SLR for Christmas and would be interested in knowing more here in Roanoke,Va. Please contact with schedule. Thank, debbie combs 12/29/09

  10. Shri wrote,

    Any information on when and where the classes will be held ?


  11. Sarah wrote,

    Just wondering if you will be holding a “Intro to Digital SLR” class soon?


  12. Katrina Morris wrote,

    Would like to know when you will be holding an “Intro to Digital SLR” class soon?


  13. Brian R wrote,

    Are these classes and workshops still being held? Some of the links don’t seem to work ( comes up as 404). But I am very interested in learning more about digital photography and I’m in the NRV area.

  14. Charity wrote,

    I am very interested in several of these classes, but none of your links are working. Are these classs still being held?

  15. Mitra wrote,

    Was wondering if any of the classes still being held? It seems that none of the above links work.


  16. jon wrote,

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans to offer workshops this year.

  17. Tammy Shlanta wrote,

    I have two teenage children wanting to take a beginner photography class. Do you have any summer workshops in the Roanoke area?

  18. Kesha Franklin wrote,

    Hi I am interested in a photography class. I live in Riner Va and need help with my Nikon D5100. When and where in Blacksburg do you have these classes? Please let me know. Thanks, Kesha

  19. Nani Jarrell wrote,

    I am interested in a few classes. I need more information and how do I sign up? Thanks. Nani Jarrell, Roanoke

  20. Pamela wrote,

    Hello im interested in slr camera workshop and light theoryetc in roanoke va. I will be. Here untill the fIrst week of january and i can attend saturdays. Please let me know. Thank you

  21. Robin wrote,

    Do you have a schedule of workshops available for 2012?

  22. Becky Ingram wrote,

    I’m looking for classes/workshops in Roanoke for my 16-year-old granddaughter during the spring and summer of 2012. Any information you can provide me will be appreciated.

  23. Lauren wrote,

    How do I find out about these classes?

  24. Maria wrote,

    I am interested in a photography class, please let me know when the next class will be available.

  25. Sarah wrote,

    I am interested in taking the Introduction to Camera Techniques. I was wondering when the next class started, how much it is, and where it would be held?

  26. donna wrote,

    I am interested in photography classes… i’m going to purchase a Nikon D7000 and would like to learn how to properly operate this beautiful camera, please say you will help me with this task.

    Thank You,

    Donna L.

  27. David B wrote,

    It appears there really are no classes available to sign up for. I was hoping to sign up for a class but have seen nothing other than class descriptions.

    If I am wrong, please tell me of a way to sign up!

    Dave B

  28. Therese Stokes wrote,

    Dates, times, places, fees for classes?
    Thank you
    Therese Stokes

  29. Becki Preston wrote,

    I am interested in the Intro to Camra Techniques class/workshop. I am in the Rocky Mount/ Roanoke area. Please let me know if you have anything coming up and the cost please.

    Thank you.

  30. Becky Gibson wrote,

    I am interested in a beginners photography class for both my adult daughters and for myself. I would like to give the “class” as gifts to my daughters. One has two small children and the other is expecting her first. Photography is important to our family to capture sweet moments forever. Are there such classes and what would be the cost? We all have SLR cameras but, honestly, I know we are not using them to their potential. Thank you for your time. Becky Gibson

  31. Robin Rogers wrote,

    Am interested in a class on Nikon D90…. anything available? Thanks, R

  32. Sandy wrote,

    Hello! I am interested in taking some of your photography classes! Is there anyway that you could sent me the schedule? I would like to start ASAP. Thanks so much!

  33. Kayla Taylor wrote,

    I want to know when classes take place in blacksburg, although i am familiar with some features on my dslr i want to start at the introduction and learn everything there is to know to better myself for my photography business. please let me know asap. thanks

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